Sunday, April 7, 2019

Super maga neonazi garbage from Norway gestures Europeans to give in their right to existence to Kremlin's death

This despicable Norwegian human disgrace who alone was involved with other Euro treaitors in my case alone desplays total disconcern(scorn) for situation across the entire eastern Europe as well as Russia alone

His name Thorbjorn Jagland - Secretary-General of the Council of Europe who feels have the right to spit on our lives and do with us along with Putin as pleased. EVERY UKRAINIAN/POLE, BALTIC CITIZEN AND SO ON SHOULD KNOW NAME IF THUS NORWEGIAN NEONAZI TERRORIST.

Thorbjorn Jagland didn't mean "Russia" as main title suggests, but instead Putan Putanowich - NAZISM !!! BRING FASCISM BACK AGAIN!!!!

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