Monday, April 22, 2019

Poland is European Christian country(no doubt about it and it should stay this way), but

As an ambassador to whatever country you serve, normal protocol would be to follow by host state designated hollydays first on what honoring others could possibly follow as well(9 years old child knows it Ms Mosbacher), but must say to both parties that there is no need to push forward in addition to awkwarded(because this is what you created out of one) protocol also inappropriate language concerning both sides(Polish and Jewish - home in Poland and abroad for both) for the sake of German neonazism. Unfortunate is fact that Mr Kaczynski with his self destructive neonazi agenda is not only dividing country by targeting certain population in one(we all know whom), but is with division of one creating also pool of Poles which will increasingly see themselves rather as Germans(I stated self destructive) and no longer Poles.

Refraining yourself from using derogatory language toward someone who doesn't know any better(I hope you understand real position of Ms Mosbacher as friend of Mr Trump who send her here and Trump's Kaczynski's Law/Justice party as same body indeed - therefore as prearranged incident made to yet again split people  - In this case Poles as well as Jews are offended - Poles for Easter and Jews for language) should be a norm for everyone serving in parliament...for all other stuff courts exist(incl. my torture/censorship case concerning Israel with which I am far from done)

Poland needs strong US relations much more than servitude to Germany sure(you screwed Poland in this aspect too Mr. Kaczynski as West got their puppet which is utterly used for them what Hitler didn't manage to complete - no investments in Poland up to date while opposite was in place for Russia is because of what you created sir - it will also stay that way for as long your students will run country and let's keep in mind who is financing German AFD, Italian Lega Nord, French LePenn, and other neonazi parties across the Europe)

Poland shouldn't serve as one of the hatred platforms in Europe that was used to burn Poland alone in the past from its existance(seems Kaczynski doesn't understand word dirty beyond work which is performed by our exiled people across the border).

Regarding treatorship of Jesus...

I wasn't in church lately because I like to have clear head when appearing on public place where God and people are connected(can't wait to move forward, so it makes sense for me to see myself in others as well - being hungry this Easter and in situation as I am, it doesn't)...I also am unsure if you are aware of fact that Israelis and Germans(West) have worked along one another heavily in post WWII period with idea to rebuild their countries beyond borders...what you have watched was done to me right here in Poland by Israelis might just not have been real reality is what I am trying to explain you(read paragraph #1 about what consequences of wiping out certain population which in this case never ever should be the case do) need to tell Poland need political party that will also behave like real Polish party - with Adamowich stabbed on podium in from of large audience, I no longer know if Poland can find its way out conundrum you have created. Love Poland for what it is or quit as without one portion of population as is, there is none. 

Name of my party would be United for all and all for one.

Happy Easter to all from real Polska<3.


Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher is accused of offending the country and reminded that she is serving in a mostly Roman Catholic country • Far-right activist: "Christ died and was resurrected also for you, pagans and traitorous Jews."

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