Monday, April 29, 2019


I don't see anything Donald Trump had in his mind for me to see as. I don't like his lawyer option(believed will get things done his way or no way - I can tell you all his was is a NO way here), I don't like room am in(I hate one even that one is three times larger and remodeled) with Belarus KGB Frick, I don't like any idea of this perverted demented now even White House garbage.

I don't like it and will never ever accept any(even what otherwise could have chance, I reject and will reject more and more) of his guided paths as are self destructive.

Donald Trump have done whatever he has done without my consent and will never ever receive from me either consent or pardon. I was clear enough about what I aspect.

Duda thinks he is selling cars here, but he us mistaken and so are others that care like minded.

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