Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Slovenian ministry replied to the Hungarians by saying that "[we] strictly respect the freedom of speech and freedom of the press and would never interfere in any of the media's editorial policy,"

@Orban...now you got what you were asking for😁😂😂
Slovenia(Kaliningrad#2) and freedom of the speech are two different things as seen from example of my own, but some get it only after they taste reality on own skin(example of my own didn't bother Orban in 2017 even a bit). What goes arround comes arround. 

I, however, am glad that fascism of which part Orban is will not be tolerated. I call beautiful Hungarian people to resist one as you alone have become target on nazi policies in own country(severe discrimination is taking place against Hungarians alone in Hungary today where Orban is trying to wipe out real Hungaruian DNA for the sake of German/Scandinavian).

For things to be even worse, ex Slovenian communists(not communists, but instead dangerous FASCIST clowns who used to wore communist uniforms to hide their real inner in - Kucan/Pahor etc. masked themselves as communists/libneralists and became behind courtain turbo thieves upon fall of great Serbia), have acknowledged and continue to brainwash children(since small - from 9 year up) within Slovenian education system that Hungarians are part of Asiatic gypsy alike peoples - are rated as non white...

Slovenian liberalism/communism is as fake as it gets, but powerfull weapon when naive idiots Orban alike bite apple of cooperation from which only losses result(they used you all to get whatever they needed to get from you - once done, you are as good to them as last year snow).

@Orban...I suggest you to continue to support Russia in war against Ukraine till whole Europe burns like Notre Dam church did. Their final plan upon fall of Ukraine is to create huge autobahn accross the Hungary to Slovenia, so you will be capable to collect road toll and earn a lots of money with it(they did fantasized of wiping you from map to make myself clear - not beind sarcastic here even a bit)...and good luck.

Hungary and Slovenia in diplomatic row over censorship request

Slovenia rejected a Hungarian government request to censor journalists after a Slovenian publication ran a front cover showing a caricature of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán doing a Nazi salute.

A spokesperson for Slovenia's Permanent Representation to the European Union confirmed that the country's foreign ministry received a note from the Hungarian ambassador regarding the cover.

The Slovenian ministry replied to the Hungarians by saying that "[we] strictly respect the freedom of speech and freedom of the press and would never interfere in any of the media's editorial policy," the spokesperson said.

Mladina, a political magazine, has been covering what it describes as the close involvement of Orbán's ruling Fidesz party in Slovenian politics, including moves by individuals connected to Fidesz to invest in media outlets affiliated with its political ally, the opposition Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS).

Following Fidesz's suspension from the European People's Party last month, Mladina ran a cover story portraying a cartoon figure of Orbán doing a Nazi salute. In the illustration, Orbán is surrounded by the leader of the SDS, Janez Janša, as well as two other SDS politicians: MEP Milan Zver and national lawmaker Branko Grims.

The cover sparked uproar among Hungarian government officials.

"To the intellectuals in the editorial offices at Mladina, which has a long history of sympathy for the multiculti agenda and deep antipathy for the Church, anyone who voices a staunch opposition to immigration and a desire to protect our Christian culture must be a Nazi," wrote Hungarian State Secretary for International Communications Zoltán Kovács.

According to Mladina, the note delivered to Slovenia's foreign ministry said that "the Embassy strongly believes that the cover of March 22, 2019 edition of the Mladina weekly exceeds the principles of the freedom of press as well as that of the freedom of expression ... and requests the assistance of the esteemed Ministry to prevent similar incidents to happen in the future.”

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