Friday, April 19, 2019

I was collecting information about MKultra from store to store throughout entire Zgierz I promised I would do

Despite Russian cluster in 2017, I am pleased to say that case has more than enough background to be recognized as factual and not product of imagination. Some people gestured heavy presence of Americans in Zgierz(2005/2006) and have also given me signals of recognizing me what case is with whole Zgierz...Russians made bad favor to themselves only in this case as not even psychopathic Belarus instigators(both involved in MKultra and both used as roomates - both agressive - one physicalky attacked/boith verbally and present one ended cutting me with knife two pairs of snickers) who had few Chechens engage in beyond crimiminal behavior(terrorism) could do anything about it...yes my friends(2.5 hours walk away from city), poisoning, radiation, sleep deprivation, starvation, humilkiation, and total destruction of property(deletion of data etc)...physical and verbal attacks :)))) and through it all, I did it all !!!!

Will go Monday to office and ask them about total three pairs of snickers which were cut with knife as I will have nothing to even wear very soon...psychopaths.

Feel very good tonight because I completed the task entirely without getting my hands dirty with filth. Far from being exhausted in any way...I am charged well and will start with job search on Monday.

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