Friday, April 12, 2019

Poland is number one priority for me

If you don't somehow understand written here or are on different wavelength, just turn arround.

If you were part of this MKultra operation and you would like to get compensated, you will desplay same respect toward me as is given to you from my side(unpleasant MKultrpast doesn't bother me unless one is used to support Moscow today - you can even buy your way out of stated here by submitting video/audio etc. or by giving solid confession of one as Moscow conditioned participants with work which those would have to perform for one, but do not count on how you can use MKultra brainwash and semi useless info to play with trust issues here while disrespecting all of the above) and by actually giving something(MKultra blah blah does little for me - I care about today, now, and not what could be - do not expect I will tolerate lies, so you can freely perform against me your game till you are gone as some anticipated greatly case would be).

I am happy to be here and grateful to Polish moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas, and their kids/grandkids for help, truth, beautiful smiles, and all in between. Plan to keep it that way too.

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