Thursday, April 18, 2019

In Poland, everything on sale

First who offered via MKultra life in prosperity were Scandinavians and Germans(1995/1996)...Putin(pigeon on chessboard) broke pact and have insisted on Russia till he handed case to Israelis who placed themselves in the middle by insisting it would be Israel my future homeland...then Kaczynski came on picture and I finally got my pay 23/24 years latter which is known as Fort Trump.

@Duda/Morawicki...I wouldn't say if you werent involved in my ordeal, but as you were and you took on behalf of Kaczynski where he left off...I deam you are both under all standards of psychology and psychiatry totally insane.

Fort Trump(no country did what you have done so far)...its a Fort Spit in my face...spit in face of God whom you "praise" so much within your political party and whom you have replaced with Trump. Fort Satan allright.

This is how Kaczynski's pay ended for me except that I haven't sold my God yet and I still prefer to be betrayed than to betray.

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