Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Donald Trump also dreamed about causing me bone cancer under MKultra which I possibly even have now

Have brought me to American physicians who conducted tests on me for whatever reason...his explanation was, " we found out they will cause you bone cancer which will be first evident on knee"...

From Polish(if from Polish and not Russian on the first place + beast Kaczynsk is worse than any Kremlin lunatic, so you don't need Russian side in this case) side they gestured I cite " it will make them really nervous but will only be a test"....

If you see my knee today which seems is bone deformation, sure you would all get nervous about it became deformed like this already 4 months ago, but I first ignored one totally as I thought it would go away and once in this room which is bright, knee deformation became very very evident...this is not a poker game guys...its real. Will release video

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