Saturday, April 13, 2019

Before I will be out of the picture,nId,2933700

Every Russian( and Pole and Ukrainian and Czech etc.) will know what exactly you mean as "Russia"(Putin and his family will either run to Germany or face justice in Russia).

What she means as " Russia" is today about 10% of the Russian population the most.. on a long term, it is zero of Russian population as ultimate German goal is to exterminate Russians via social engineering. Key top figure which will represent foreign interests is replaced first, that figure replaces whomever he deems will be unsuitable to represent interests of few(interests of those who placed him in chair to represent foreign interests - in this case Aryan interests), and those continue to replace others bellow them via social engineering(you and your families search for job or even obtain forms of cancer etc. they have created in good old USA one million and one way to discourage you from life unless they can use you for their own interests - you are either controlled or destroyed and most likely destroyed as most of us are not needed on long picture - in final one destroyed 100%). TOP JOBS FOR 100% RUSSIAN WHITES ONLY WHATEVER THAT MEANS FOR IDIOTS WHICH WERE LUSTED FOR EXTERMINATION JUST 70+ YEARS AGO(over 27 millions Ruskies were sloughtered and ad to that another 13 million Ukrainians, Poles, Slovenes etc.)...

Vladimir Putin is a traitor to Slavs as well as to Russia...nothing is over yet !!!!

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