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BRUSHED COMPLAIN: Here is what my case was and will be all about

Despite complains submitted to variety of law enforcement agencies as well as State agencies/courts, EU Court for Human Rights, human rights organizations/courts over the course of 17 years(since 2004 while I mentioned for the first time MK Ultra procedure in my complain in 2011) there was NO law abiding per domestic and international treaties/laws concerning human rights issues in responses obtained because individuals involved in this case were/are highest state bodies/officials - ranging anywhere from police/ health care professionals, higher Slovenian and US state(I am citizen of both) employees/officials, employees/officials of European Union bodies, officials employed at human rights organizations(Amnesty International and at United Nations), as well as European Union Court for Human Rights officials, presidents/prime minsters and all the way to to royalties on a global scale. At United Nations's just as an example, two highest officials involved in this case were/are Mr. Gebreyesus Tedros Adhanom(since 1997) of World Health Organisation and Secretary general of United Nations Mr. António Guterres(since 1995 – with his entire family).

On complains submitted, retaliation procedures followed up against me of which some easily can be classified as assassination attempts.

Due to 26 years length of case(its how old this case which involved all along also MK Ultra procedure against me) and most severe torture endured(electroshock for mind control was heavily implemented), I became confused during early complaining procedures as per whether it was nazism that entered my life in new American homeland where I immigrated in 1995 upon completion of overseas work contract aboard Celebrity Cruise lines(Got married in 1995 in Miami with Ecuadorian American female) for the sake of nazism that entered my life or was it that nazism pushed in my face by the West(not only in US, but also in Germany and in Scandinavia) was a part of necessary Ruso Serbian procedure which accompanied me back to Slovenia for the sake of re-creation of new Serbian super state previously known as Yugoslav federation(state which have just fallen apart with war between Serbian state supported by Russia against several other states located withing Yugoslav federation). One thing was sure, my life in US had absolutely nothing to do with goals per which I moved to the US where I wanted to establish life for myself and hopefully future American family.

Second option as mentioned above became even more probable when compared since whenever hijacked from United States to Slovenia(beginning in 1995) and/or eastern Europe, Russian/ Serbian/ and remaining UDBA intelligence in Slovenia begun to SYMULTANIOULSY humiliate me next to neonazi brainwash in USA and across the Western Europe while engaging in torture infront of memorials dedicated to Slovenian partisans - Slovenian WWII resistance movement in which pat family of my own(father and mother's sides) played very important role during German/Italian occupation of Slovenia during WWII. What started with psychological abuse and blatant lies IN MY FACE infront of partisan memorials in Slovenia was intensified into greater and greater physical and psychological abuse that broadened through well video recorded statements of mine a publicity(bigger and bigger private audience) for mentioned government services into global UNDERGROUND cause used to label me unofficially as a neonazi designated for destruction/vaste(sentenced to death) - government video recordings with obtained statements of mine were supplied via designated political channels/parties to parties abroad(West – specially in USA) and domestically in Slovenia with sole world of lies creation against me. Those from West involved against me who created initial LIES of their own against me based on racial prejudice for the sake of friendship with Vladimir Putin and what appeared at the time China(it AT LARGE INVOLVED against me American Black Lives Matter (BLM) social CIVIL RIGHTS movement which top members commenced murderous procedure against me from their end – started with Don King and Mike Tyson and continued to grew branches through other prominent figures multiplying lies against me over the course of 23 years into unimaginable proportions), included in their case against me all the meaningful names in world of American sports, Hollywood, world of music, and political arena who would likewise committed themselves to the world of lies by adding additional claims against me based on racial and ethnic prejudice this covering up initial liars/slanderers whose lies consequently ruined my public image – ruined me life in United States of America. Lies pilled up atop of one another into mount Everest of lies against me which conditioned me life in US(US Government next to MK Ultra and all other forms of torture engaged against me into most severe systematically increased forced unemployment leaving zero space for compromise on further stay as a citizen of United States of America) and upon returning back to Slovenia, bare existence via sanity issues which involved even heavy psychiatric torture – United States of America has next to Slovenian government supported(demanded) psychiatric persecution against me which lasted for no less than 9 years.

Whichever way above(Angela Merkel stated me that she and West involved in game neonazis because of eastern European conduct against me which they all acknowledged as a torture without reasonable grounds), I can positively confirm facts that post Yugoslav UDBA from Slovenia followed me abroad with most severe crimes against me already during attempt to immigrate to Austria in early 1993(way prior to departure to United States of America at the end of the 1994) while having domestic Slovenian psychiatrists/police knocking on my home door steps with psychiatric threats already in 1992 - conditioning me with females from Serbia as the only acceptable option for me to stay alive(with either intermarriage or and since I refused, prior to my departure to US with death if not returning to Slovenia immediately upon completion of work contract aboard Celebrity Cruise lines - ship known as Meridian).

Therefore three years prior to my departure overseas to USA from already INDEPENDENT Slovenia where situation was indifferent from the one in Yugoslavia, I was at the top of the UDBA's(Yugoslav intelligence services) enemy list. Probably subject number ONE and by FAR MORE AUTHENTIC PERSECUTED SLOVENIAN NATIVE THAN ANY OF SLOVENIAN POLITICIANS WHO LED INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT OF SLOVENIA from Yugoslav federation during war for Slovenian national independence in 1991.

More important than any of Slovenian politicians involved in separation from greater Serbian chetnik state Yugoslavia(Serbia was at the time already involved clearly in ethnic cleansing war on Balkans against 6 other nations and no longer could hide its real character – question, however, remained open on Serbian per just how deep ethnic cleansing ruts were in respect to younger generations in fallen apart Yugoslav federation) due to its past involvement against me, UDBA and its main sponsor(Russian state) became desperate to hide system's crimes implemented against me since early childhood – those ranged from injections(from age 9) that would leave me temporary retarded(half brain dead incapable to follow written and as instructed tutoring during school hours in a fashion as other children did) at times for up to month(first two weeks upon receiving injections was only my attending school physically without knowing even what went on during classes on what drugs eased on brain enough to go on with it again on what it was time again to get next shot and next and next) and to groups of bully kids which challenged with daily violence per teachers instructions into total submission - obedience/cooperation as system referred to one as - its what Yugoslavia was based upon. 

Serbian doctor Galac eventually wrote on my medical file during childhood that my head was disproportional – genetically degenerated due to disproportional upper and lower jaws(age 9) – something to what latter(once visiting Novo mesto in 1995/1996) his colleagues from West protested as it made no sense other than individual being sick in his head per ethnic issues.

Question per whether it was my history from eastern Europe I partially witnessed(abuse was overwhelming and deserves 500 pages book of its own – much already published online) about above or fact that West wise(domestically in US and EU) Vladimir Putin's team(Putin was involved in my case since 1995) engaged in violence against me through his own Russian KGB team makes no difference per whom initial crime against me took place as Russia have proven beyond any doubt as well as certain domestic American parties greater than great willingness on cooperation with one another(I WAS USED MAINLY AS A BAIT – LURE TO GET EASTERN EUROPEAN POLITICAL PARTIES TO THE TABLE FOR THE SAKE OF GEOPOLITICAL GOALS AS WELL AS TRADE ISSUES) regardless of US Constitution as well as post WWII international peace and human rights treaties. For me, crime resulted in loss of 26 years of life under worst possible circumstances which ranged from most severe forced unemployment issues(0.000 job applications declined in face within period of 4 years during which I had to finance myself out of life savings – no financial assistance of any kind or even the right to visit state office in search for work) and all the way to psychiatric persecution that went on parallel and during which I obtained no less than 10.000 death threats(subjected to MK Ultra) till entering full time world of psychiatric nightmare(years of ward and ongoing terror from side of courts and psychiatric institutions whenever released – unbearable physical suffering due to drug consumption amounted altogether to 9 years while blocking me from the right to employment as normal human being and listing me as a criminal offender in official police doc) in Slovenia via permanent forced unemployment based on denial of the right to file for protection as asylum seeker in more than 9 foreign countries next to 3 other US states(originally lived in Florida for no less than 11.5 years).MK Ultra crime madness and abuse of my rights performed by above mentioned parties used to push forward its geopolitical agenda developed under MK Ultra period(mainly between 1995 to mid 2008), had succeeded in pushing me as planned in 2017 all the way to Belarus and in 2018 to Poland where my spine became broken via totally illegal criminal forced labor practices based on prior employment(blacklisted and forcefully jobless without social benefits for no less than 13 years) starvation.

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