Monday, August 30, 2021

The neighbor's rusty old junk car parked at Graben is according to MK Ultra scenario my secret escape weapon to Croatia for coming persecution against me

Its what SCHIZOPHRENIC LUNATIC BORUT PAHOR AND HIS LJUBLJANA PARLIAMENT managed to come to as solution for me to obviously again save my life - these criminals who ruined 27 years of my life via extreme torture which involved in addition to forced unemployment a psychiatry and have awaited me upon return from Poland with broken spine with more unemployment issues to which some 1000 cars where tortured were added, came up for my sake for what would result in third escape from Slovenia for least its what Andrej Uhl(neighbor maniac involved in MK Ultra) told me...nothing is insane here. Its not them who suffered - these beasts never had conscious of any kind. Car has Croatian registration and everything...was this perhaps also a legitimate excuse for psychiatric hospital in Ljubljana which expressed deeper than deep solidarity with Polish and Czech crime in respect to car purchase and destruction a very legitimate exit option from car dilemma  for all the parties involved including themselves !!???? I knew from seen in Poland what awaited me per Poland in Slovenia...

Will use F word to thank you all and congratulate myself on dealing with beasts in a such efficient way as I did. Its evident that torture(necessary thrill) in which they engaged in front of memorials dedicated to partisans since 1995 somehow must be justified from their pint of view...its their justice - their belongs to them only.

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