Sunday, August 29, 2021

Susan Bayh(wife of Evan Bayh Governor of Indiana) was MURDERED JUST AS WAS TOLD CASE WILL BE - her death took place on February 5, 2021 (aged 61)

She was A1A witness of mine in this case in respect to Mike Tyson who served his sentence there in 1995 and where I was repeatedly taken to meet him and finally bail him out of the jail under what Mike referred to as official excuse for reduced sentence "prison counsellor in order to shave time off his sentence"

Mr. Evan Bayh contrary to Mrs. Susan Bayh, HATED me. His promises on how I will be destroyed(was returned back to his Indiana to meet him as he repeated one of the initial points used for destruction of my psyche - he was probably fourth fifth in line he turned to destructive torture under MK Ultra as directed in East of US - with Bill Clinton became third person who figured is better off with me being dead all in 1995 after Mikey came out of the jail as ADVISED by Louis Freeh despite still overseeing ex FBI director William H. Webster who liked me, but lost control over the situation in 1998 also leaving me with no hope to live for) for whatever cost before truth would come out without his wife witnessing about me, however, landed on deaf ears on this end.


The last time VERY SELF CONFIDENT INTO INVISIBLE CRIME Evan Bayh guaranteed me on this very flight next to Obama as per my being dead walking man...

In my eyes, Susan will remain MAJESTIC first lady of Indiana. 

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