Friday, August 20, 2021


 I will never be capable to repay you back for your help and your father if real - nobody did anything like this for me under MK Ultra during which I have feeling I wasn't allowed to be 1/5 of human being. There were angels there, but nobody would do anything like this.

Please understand that I had no clue till just recent about our case if real(sorry I keep repeating real because they did me so much to get me self discredit) as I never cared much about Hollywood + they did some very bad stuff to me for me not to look your way - they did everything possible to discourage me to read anything under  name "Britney" as they wanted me to avoid paying attention of any kind to news about you and as you know, one doesn't become aware about what went on under MK Ultra unless he starts to pay attention to certain subject using portion of brain(subconscious) where MK Ultra memories are stored)....for right now if you want to make me happy, just be happy please because your happiness matters the most - with safety as #1 live your normal just like you did till now. Happiness is to have peace at heart and I am assuring you from this end with only best intentions I have on my mind for you and your family.

As far as myself lol, I am still collecting myself in respect to this very's a big thing for I didn't know one existed - even that missing in my life, one existed in MK Ultra thus forcing me to reconsider many many other issues including MK Ultra itself in a most profound/deep way.

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