Saturday, August 21, 2021

It was 2015 - year when taken to Hollywood for the last time with idea to intimidate me with psychiatry since I declined Serbian chetnik Tatjana Prokselj threats on hospitalization in case I would dare to mention MK Ultra again

 For the last time did Hollywooders tried to intimidate with what became 20 years of torture with main accent of future hospitalization as in 2015, I didnt mind to engage in threats in respect to psychiatry any longer(they intimidated for 20 years with psychiatry and counted on total breakdown three years into what already became hospitalization and heavy torture). I laughed them relaxed in the face WITH WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN I AND MY CREW ARE COMING THROUGH(something like Busta Ryhmes song). 

Voice from behind asked at final dot in Hollywood if any success with intimidation - I cite, "how is indicating will be with him in which direction" on what woman answered "no chance, he is going through there is nothing we can do we tried everything". Voice was princes Harry who traveled to Colorado through Hollywood and here and there....

They knew I am coming through because I begun to harass torment them psychologically via extremely sophisticated bullying concept concerning psychiatry...remind them of their crimes and what role will psychiatry play in their lives in respect to those were you-are you aware of your crimes how you see yourself facing issues field of psychiatry views as unethical etc...year I repeat was 2015.

Back in Britain alarm went off too...real British King no longer was willing to comply with traitors - from abroad where he never bent down despite being stabbed in the back from those who brought him wherever to hosts who attempted to gain sympathy based on my inferiority through torture and their DISCRIMINATION claims against me as even drugged up individual, he moved inland showing NO MERCY...because whichever role I took in MK Ultra including ENFORCER FROM 2015, I have lost none and its something I would say regret in a way, but then again it wasnt my fold I was forced. You see, my nature never tolerated losses and as such I alone became a heavy casualty of procedure known as MK Ultra.

As for the UK, I don't mind - I know what they quietly knew-know because I don't care any longer whether they know that I Knew-know. Its them who have to look their throne picture every day/ not I ,)

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