Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Segei from Belarus got in Slovenia royal treatment in return for torture

 If he didn't engage directly in physical and psychological torture, he would bring me to location where others would where he would step aside for Pahor/Kučan's job to be done. 

He engaged in a petty thefts during summer where he would steal from farmers anywhere from corn to turnip to cook for himself healthy(when they finally got him, they brought him home all stated, so he no longer had to expose himself to public). Killed fish with spear gun and by shooting one with spring made gun from shore infront of Slovenian wardens and police.

Sergei didn't suffer from any cancer issues after what likely was surgery and from what he claimed were  first situations with mother during which he appeared to have been humiliated to degree he would go for a walk where acting insane and interpretation me his views on parents in psychopathic way asking question demanding my return/response on them, he went on to clearly teached mother on how to avoid being recorded in the future by myself as per devices I would use...items bouuht from China were designed as new to fall apart in his hands infront of me on what I was told case will be with mine and so on - unlimited bullshit that involved posinonig issues such as Lukashenko stated "game to see if we can find hidden poison"(was at first stage used as a dummy to test home food and store products to see which effected his health the most to/would effect mine in the future). He did gestured me do that he will in future if nice to one explain everything about my parents and mother once I begun to lambast him with truth on here did become extremely nervous about how I no longer have to worry about "Sergei from Belarus"...

Sergei for the difference of myself was paid to learn Slovenian language - paid by variety of jobs he performed also infront of me, he didn't have to search for car as Slovenia state searched for GREAT USED CAR instead for him. Lukashenko's boy scored well paid job in Poland as a truck driver, so here seen wouldn't become visible...Slovenian government found him women(not single one) for him to entertain him free passes to terme Smarjeske/Dolenjske and other locations - during exercise, locals brought him water(and gave food) and he had permanent locations where he could use as pleased water pipes/hoses night and day with close to nothing on his back(totally  contrary to my situation) FOR WHAT CERTAIN SLOVENIAN LOCALS MUST SAY DISGRACED THEMSELVES IN MY EYES - FOR WHOLE SLOVENIA THIS CASE IS ONE BIG DISGRACE/ NOT VICTORY OF ANY KIND SPECIALLY SO BECAUSE OF 2012 AND 2015 WHEN HOSPITALISED BY CHETNIKS AS MENTALLY INSANE.

Wanted to compare with very possibly stage 4 cancer individual just as all other Russians beginning(had zero cancer, but looked as weird as one can possibly look due to a tiny lack of sleep - camping in Poland and for the matter as I acknowledged filth as weird lazy, Putin/Lukashenko came to agreement along other eastern European leaders would be best to severely infect me with cancer issues - to gain compassion from my side and for world to accept pathetic views of losers from Russian big cities who volunteered for something they were nowhere near fit) with Navalny did - who knows as I constantly fade away without coffee like almost identically to flower without water....

What father rewrote from Sergei's notes about pull-ups one would do during trainings...and portable whatever Sergei used to perform pull-ups if difficulty with trees...

Very very sad.

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