Saturday, August 21, 2021

No REAL supporter of mine ever engaged in nazism fascism hatred of any kind EVER !!! - They were/are all angels

Video can be also seen at
The best people in this world were my supports of which none EVER was a bad person.

My father's coughing habit resulted in physical confrontations between him and MK Ultra participants/visitors because of his obnoxious criminal behavior - can be heard at the end of the video on distance of 20 meters behind 3 doors what means when he coughs - never covers his mouths and amplifies coughing as much as he can to traumatize people near at any time he is pleased(50 years of this bullshit which psychiatrists encouraged heavily - whatever they noticed in one already completely unacceptable for normal human beings to be near they simply encouraged same with mother)....

None of these officers is a nazi of any kinds.....

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