Saturday, August 21, 2021

I believed under MK Ultra that Nacho Figueras is rejuvenated prince Andrew

 Wasn't sure whether very friendly Nacho Figueras that is prince Andrew somehow either lost weight or perhaps rejuvenated himself somehow, but it meant to me tremendously slot since I figured out will stay around me in this world much longer - idea about

Andrew same age as myself was awesome, so awesome that Harry who noticed my friendliness toward Argentinian lost his mind as per why/how...Argentinian liked me very much too on what I heard "ohhh, yeah right,I know..."

But Harry who realised what went on did signed me away back then as acceptable - he was angry on me like everyone else was...year probably 2013/2015...same place and same shirts 

Same haircut....the thing is none of you deserved stated above about nice as you backstabed me as a family on million occasions by was when in MK Ultra reality I no longer wanted to be anywhere near you or would want anything to do with you - ever. You were simply scary

 You were royals and I was institutionalised I figured out - will need you despite my being institutionalised because of YOU. was year when I started to see you differently through different eyes...year when as you realised I no longer will let you get away with it as regardless of psychiatric threats I pushed forward with truth with or without you year stated FUCK YOU

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