Monday, August 16, 2021

There is also few hotheads in Slovenia in respect to EU membership - just as the case was in Poland and is with "POLEXIT"

 Nobody will miss you. You can go to Belgrade and wait for one to become EU member state as they are in waiting line due to aggressive war toward others politic and human rights violations for already some time OR you can go to Russia and wait for one to become applicant for EU membership which is in their agenda in next 50 or 100 years....but nobody will miss you.

I would say take Pahor and Kučan with you, but will have to wait for some other UNFINISHED matter first to get done...

This man will take you on his farm for potato salary or celery. Otherwise just that you know, many people in Belarus as so poor that have to use public from street water to survive despite filled markets/stores whenever anticipating tourist influx from Israel etc...his farm is very unique. To follow Russia is to become a North Korea or Ukrainian example of holodomor age.

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