Monday, August 16, 2021

As far as Britney Spears in Slovenia

I had few Slovenian Borut Pahor Milan Kušan thugs get in my face when drugged up gesturing me some perverted ideas that included even death threats and someone on how he got permit for her to live here as per my being exception to the rule...

Let me explain to you taught boys - if I find out who you are, your and your kids and grandkids new homeland will become Russia. If you somehow do not understand here stated collectively as a nation, you will have long long car line all the way to Munich and airport Pučnik expanding due to increased return of Slovenes from all over the world - permanent return to Slovenia...your Western market too, 

will be redirected to east where you will meet your best pals(thugs who came here to steal and kill only - those whom we build factories there for them to buy castles here and those whom we financed war against Ukraine/Bosnia and Croatia). Thats all. 

Unfortunately for perverts, Slovenia just as Croatia is a nation scattered all over the world - from Germany to Argentina and Australia and all the way to Canada not only US and Scandinavia....our Slovenian minority in Italy and Austria needs assurance of friendliness and cooperation n both sides of border - not animosity/fear / terror which reduced one to a 1/4 within last 25 years thanks to Borut Pahor...we are along Croatia(hope also Bosnia) a nation open for business and cooperation NOT SOVIET ALIKE YUGO IRON COURTAIN CHETNIK STATE.

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