Saturday, August 21, 2021

SUPER SATURDAY: Imbecile and story about his honey

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps and police appears to have AGAIN counted on some sort of violent reaction from my end as explained on this very video(SAME TECHNOLOGY OF VIOLENCE-HATRED), her actions are beyond toxic and its why I do feel endangered next to her pointing issue at me. She and father who demanded from me to search for his hearing aid machine inside of the trash bin this morning(prior to departure to store because one claimed have observed one on table all day long yesterday on what one disappeared) , are a real threat for no less than 50 years in this case. "Poor demented" father used to physically engage against me with help of Slovenian police and his friends to the bitter end and beyond insanity(into oblivion and back my dear friends - claimed in real time was victim of my violence against him) during MK Ultra in this very house, so I have noooo clue how any of this would benefit me as Hollywood writers claimed...mother got her 20 Euros and the car keys from freeloading imbecile upon return home...

Video can be also seen at

Employees of stores such as Lidl, Eurospin, Tus supermarket as well as Mercator, Hofer, Spar stores did harassed with property destruction during MK Ultra...

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If you like toxic, above video will do AGAIN great for you

Laptop is a rocket - high end top-notch with i5 lightened keyboard well - practically a gift. I identified gentleman...

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