Sunday, August 22, 2021

Afghan withdrawal crucial to finally somewhat stabilized Afghanistan and stability in region, but Biden wants it all - got his extremist Garry Adams out and catered Putin's needs best to his abilities

If US embarrassed itself under Trump, Biden sealed deal from the opposite end for country to be finally left ruined from both sides(what is coming after Dems. and Reps. !!???). Finally, burning America to the ground with worst national policies ever, never was so fun for some folks as to what we have witnessed for the last two decades. Anyone out there even cares any longer !!??? Sad. Off course Afghan withdrawal is one of the worst mistakes US made since end of the WWII, but the way whole thing was done with people falling off planes - one could be proclaimed as national disaster.

@Putin - Nope, Afghan refugees not but Afghanistan as territory yes. I hope West reconsiders Afghanistan on time and involves white helmets in game.

After Trump and Biden both gone off picture, perhaps its time to fight war with humanitarian aid instead. Ever thought about it !!????

Irish IRA extremist terrorist Garry Adams was a gift for Biden for keeping silent about my case as Joe Biden ALONE PERSONALLY entrusted me. Same was the case with Vojislav Seselj as it appears war criminals terrorists somehow got advantage via my case as long as involved in one - was taken to Ireland more often than what I count and ENVIED for being an MK Ultra test subject - suggested by Irish fascists on how it was Irish turn to seat on my place...@Biden - you are one yuge f***p and you know it. You and your family.

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