Wednesday, August 18, 2021

PATHETIC INSANE TRIO AND TIME TO REPLACE RED STAR WITH RED SWASTIKA: Lukashenko demonstrated world is an insane deranged lunatic indifferent from Kim Jong-un

 Both clowns, however, are happy to entertain Putin - the great dear leader. Will blow themselves up to prove him loyalty. Related to 

@Lukashenko - and where is your great concern(compassion) for refugees now since you were so internationally pro human rights concerned person !!????

Vicory day now Hitler every day....

All one can do is laugh idiots(never question) or perhaps even die...

Withing month or so, Lukashenko too will request from international community need for food assistance just as the case was with Kim Jong Un....ohhh, well

How to buy free firework book written by Aleksaner Lukashenko and Kim Jong Un....

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