Thursday, August 26, 2021

MK ULTRA - Will also charge Bezos and Elon Musk with EXCESSIVE food poisoning - in this case UNLIMITED ICE CREAM treats

I cite Elon Musk and Bezos who filmed me eating God knows how many ice-creams "It just so fun...hahaha...give him more its just so fun to see you eat them you do so fast hahaha"

Back in Europe, MK Ultra participants became outraged with even more weight increase I suffered as a result.

@Bezos/Musk - and so this was help for me you provided over the course of the years !!???? How are you not insane !!??? Keep in mind I considered you both friends at the time and till then...never said single sorry word to you and always(23 years) campaigned for both of you....aha, okay then. Ice cream treats with ECT - MK Ultra specialty and something you two can be truly proud about. 

Man on photo was involved in MK Ultra case for over 20 years and might have been even in Poland - I am unsure about it as I have to see face closer and so on...but filmed here was during Bezos is moving to another location possible more than just files which THIS MAN ON PHOTO WAS AS THE ONLY ONE TRUSTED WITH - Man on photo, super nice person all around for entire duration I know one, is also one of the longest working for Bezos employees who was offered opportunities by Trump but have refused instead dedicated(SPECIALIZED in files - storage of Bezos from day 1 in private Bezos storage room which over the years became too small) himself to assist Bezos...JUST SO YOU KNOW I WAS THERE AND THEN - PROBABLY 2017. One of nicest friendlies people I came across during MK Ultra and very possibly was also in Poland. THANKS MAN ITS ALWAYS GREAT TO SEE YOU !!!!

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