Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Americans insisted that THE PRICE for membership in Democratic party for me is a total silence in respect to crime performed against me by minorities

 Insisted that Ukraine which I like is totally pro democratic party and suggested as the only solution to my dilemma a Russia politic - Putin that is...sarcastically molested me with problematic they created and I would have to deal with in the future - I cite, "exactly, but you dont like those hehehe".

Had what appeared Ukrainian and Croatian representatives insisting me to keep silent due to large names involved in case as are too big to go against - weather those representatives were authentic, however, remains a question.

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But Ukraine didnt get much from US Dems for its compliance when compared to Russian adversary which is even listed on enemy list...I figured out will not comply and quietly die for the sake of the names and bags full of empty ideals(lies based on torture requiring from one silence).

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