Thursday, August 26, 2021

As for the Black Lives Matter movement inside of complain - your practices are equal and in many cases worse to those used by Gestapo

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Our granddads and grandmas DIDN'T give their lives in war against nazi machinery in WWII for your mischievous HUMAN RIGHTS BASED ON LIES AND BACKSTABBING ideals - pure racist in human rights disguised ideology.

Whether you murdered for the sake of $$$$ or other influence issues doesn't really matter - what matters is your prejudice against other races/ethnicity and betrayed sincerity you pledged under oath to Constitution and laws of the United States of America(yours build world of lies against me under MK Ultra and begun to slender me with lies in real life - its a conscious criminal mentality you operate on).

Above decision I made(not to knee infront of your lies) hurts even more because of as I stated, "Our granddads and grandmas " was a hard decision I have made, but I owe one to myself and the one who made all this possible - the one who brought me to this world.

Every individual that counted on stage in USA KNEW PRECISELY WHAT THIS CASE WAS ALL ABOUT(even more so members of black community where there was not a single one who wouldn't know about last detail pertaining to this case), yet they all chose to play justice to the bitter end even bitching me from multimilllion Dollar yachts in my backyard on how I should LIE about crimes they and their community committed to survive showing zero remorse for ruining someone 27 years of life.

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