Friday, February 2, 2018

Pavel Grudinin trapped: entangled in foreign accounts

Friday, February 2, 2018

What is more important: fresh, fresh and neopentylene political
face or a catastrophic lack of political experience? The Communist party of the Russian Federation is now receiving the answer to this question in real time and in a most unpleasant way for him. Which seemed at first such a “brilliant discovery” the idea of the nomination as presidential candidate is not all boring Gennady Zyuganov, and cute farm Director Pavel Grudinina turned out to be a terrible mistake. Once under direct political fire of the Kremlin, the new symbol of the Communist party has demonstrated a complete inability to take a punch.

Every day Pavel Grudinin all bogged down in the political trap he was lured “caring” competitors. And here, perhaps, the most offensive party of Zyuganov. The Communist party, of course, can accuse their opponents of “unfair methods of political struggle.” However, their Communist functionaries know that’s not true. Wine over loud and untidy political scandal, in the midst of which continues to be Pavel Grudinin, rests solely on the Communist candidate.

A brief summary of the “adventure” Pavel Grudinina on Friday 2 February 2018. Journalists “accidentally” catch of the candidate from the Communist party at the time when he leaves the building of the Central Election Commission. Of course, from “sharks of a feather” followed by a question: what do you, dear friend Grudinin, actually did the Agency Ella Pamfilova? Candidate insolently replied that he had been in the CEC for the sole purpose of approval of its Trustees, and a foreign Bank account he “is no problem at all”.

Immediately after this lovely get-together followed by the statement, the statement of the Deputy Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Nikolay bulaeva – official, who actually was Grudinin: “There is a misunderstanding we have two accounts in Switzerland, which until the end, as I understand it, are not closed and that are not poinformowano of the Federal Tax Service and two accounts in Austria, which similarly to the end is not closed… Two accounts it is not pointed at all, and the two accounts he had indicated, but not confirmed that they are closed… There are two banks, is Switzerland and Austria. There are two accounts”.

I have only one question: what was it? Why Grudinin was so “selective” in describing his conversation with Bulaeva? Does he seriously expect that the Chairman of the CEC will be silent? What is the problem the candidate Grudinina – in excess of cunning, in excess of naivety or in fact, and in another at the same time?

I’m not personally familiar with the candidate by Grudinina. But I had a keen desire to meet with him for “political literacy”. During the U.S. presidential election of 1884 a preoccupied with issues of morality, the priest publicly stated that democratic candidate Grover Cleveland is there a bastard child.

The mores of American society in those years was very puritanical. Candidate Cleveland was threatened with political collapse. And managers, his campaign sent Grover Cleveland panic a telegram with the question – what to do? The response telegram of the democratic candidate went down in history: “First of all, tell the truth!”

Manual Cleveland was made. American voters were informed that the democratic candidate really has an illegitimate child, which he is having adequate financial assistance. And now the most interesting: despite all the Puritanism of a society, the scandal of Cleveland is not damaged. He was triumphantly elected President of the United States.

Of course, I understand that Paul Grudinin this information will not help – will not help. She could to help him, if he from the beginning acted on the “Cleveland method” – told the public the whole truth. They say that I am a rich man. I have many offshore accounts. I have a property abroad (say, soon the Russians will talk about the Italian Villa Grudinina). I am proud that I have, and I think this is a big plus for his candidacy. I was able abundantly to earn a good living for themselves and their family! And I will be able to provide good and decent life for all citizens of Russia! But those who believe that a Communist candidate could not be a successful person and those who are waiting for stories from me about my poverty, I will say this: for me not to vote!

Who would hurt such recognition? It is known to: spin doctors its competitors. But instead, the candidate Grudinin went on the road, which is incredibly make life easier for his political opponents. He began to wag, to fuss, to confused, to create a smokescreen, without understanding at the same time – chances to beat the enemies so he doesn’t have.

Speaking about the mess in the financial Affairs of the Communist candidate, the Chairman of the CEC Bulaev added that all problems were eliminated and are not a reason to withdraw from the election Grudinina. Of course, they are not. To remove the Communist candidate from the election authorities categorically not profitable. I will say more: Paul Grudinin in its current form is a very important and valuable political asset of the Kremlin. Candidate Grudinin is the living personification of incompetence of the leadership of the Communist party, her unprofessionalism, her insincerity, her lack of respect for the voters.

Zyuganov’s party is guilty in that she’s picked a presidential candidate on the “personal data”, not paying attention to his real catastrophic lack of preparedness even for the role of Putin’s opponent – not to mention the role of the head of Russia.

Personally Pavel Grudinina I even pity. To watch how of the successful man with a decent reputation now in terms of propaganda do Burger – enjoy below average. But Pavel Grudinina as a policy I do not mind absolutely. High politics – it is a very tough field of activity in which there is no place for those who are not chin. If earlier the candidate from the Communist party didn’t know, now I think he just came.

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