Monday, February 26, 2018

Computer(both) not fixed, however, problems seems to have been partially identified

 It appears that connected optical mouses cause Bluetooth connection.Whenever mouses are attached to the laptop, three androids can't connect to laptop(it was both for no less than four months and its HP now the one experiencing problems only as other laptop begun to act totally normal out of blue - nothing worked on one and one started to operate normally just out of blue !!?????) with newly installed hard drive and windows(fourth installation within three days)...

I did nothing but engage in computer repair since Friday...this isn't journalism, its an extremely serious criminality on behalf of global neonazi network which head is tsar Putan Putanowich.

It was bizarre to note that by causing shortcut(just by moving what was 110/220 US/EU plug in adapter plugged in power cord) in separate power cord(connected in the wall on the other side of the room - not connected in same power cord or have anything to do with laptop), drivers were activated and deactivated inside of the laptop(drivers began to instal and uninstall itself whenever I swung power cord in which US/EU plug adapter seems to have caused shortcuts via swungs...connected to same power cord or if you like extension cord were old monitor and security DVR....however, drivers began to instal and uninstall itself only if mouse, power charger, and internet were connected at the same time to the laptop - is there something extra inside of the monitor as well !!???) what probably means that drivers are controlled by external source via mouse connection.

All androids can now magically connect to old laptop and two androids again to new laptop(lost ability to connect them and to connect to the internet to the after I briefly stepped outside of the room - nope, nobody got in there this time meaning that someone wanted me to believe how there already was someone in there when in reality the whole computer is controlled externally), but not the third one...that is if the mouse isn't connected to laptop.

The possibility also exists that US/EU adapter is more than just adapter and likewise goes for the power cord(extension cord)...IT IS TOTALLY VISIBLE THAT ONE ALREADY WAS OPENED AS ONE SIDE OF THE ADAPTER IS SEMI OPEN...

All video recorded...

Mitja Veber(niece's husband who would violently guarantee me under MKULTRA on how robotic push arm would be installed inside of the lan port in newer laptop) hallucinated about installing robotic push gadget inside of the lan port(internet port) which will continuously push broken internet cable out...cable's protector(holder) switch was broken by the neighbor sure and cable keeps falling out of port....sure....however, despite substantial damages caused to lan port on HP, I don't have enough profs to make a solid claim about this case on what is practically only four months old lan port....both lights never worked on this port and there are VERY visible scratches on the port as well as around internet port area(I have inspected port via microscopes and stated here is also as well recorded)...


If he didn't installed any robotic push gadgets inside of the laptop, physical damage created to them as well as all other problems which resulted due to above mentioned did have as a result my arguing severely with internet service provider(I would regularly lose internet connections as even internet adapters would uninstal itself from computer and would have to do system restore 2/3 times a day - reboot laptop another 2/3 times if not worse...).... I have lost since 2011 at least one year of my life working 14 hours per day(each day) for about year because of here mentioned issues(doing nothing else than repairing computer).

None of this would be possible without depriving one from employment, cutting the right to unemployment compensation, and depriving him from the right to use court(legal system). Therefore this isn't science, but instead the extreme use of violence/thuggery/criminality orchestrated foremost by Moscow on behalf of USA(West).

NOTE: Under MKULTRA, they dreamed about police getting ahold of this equipment to do the check...nobody will get ahold of anything here till am done with my theral investigation. Police is NOT trusted here as they have had engaged against me in severe terror. They are the one guilty for it all. They didn't stop criminals and assisted when it was time for them to and I don't need their "assistance" in this matter now. If you will investigate any of here mentioned equipment, you will do so in front of me or you will not touch anything at all(not till I video record for sure not).

I will also not allow to be pushed(rushed) around to make rapid conclusions based on MKULTRA brainwash in respect to issues stated here(on my news site). Because I didn't get all the way here to get thirsty across the river is why. 

They expected from me to make statements as per, "robotic gadget pushing internet cable out of internet port etc." such thing(am well aware on just how much internet cables with broken switches loves to climb out of ports and its why I must ensure credible statements before issuing them to the public).

Will have the whole thing reinvestigated today and then publish the video about one...I didn't expect that I would lose another 4 days via broken computers, but this is life and its how it all works I guess.

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