Monday, February 12, 2018

We crossed from North Korea to China like border between China and North Korea didn't even exist - no less than for three years

There is a special building where Kim Jong hosts(treats) foreign delegations and its really nice(I can draw a drawing of one). White big building on hill away from city(few kilometers). Facial evaluation was done on me just as the case was in China. I guess that orientals these days trust neonazis more than to themselves and their history. They are mad in my opinion to be honest. There isn't much of sanity left in these people.

In Japan(same as in China/North Korea) same was done...Japanese "Royal" couple courted wife of Borut Pahor by suggesting the two on how Pahor's wife looks similar to Japanese royals. Slovenian president Borut Pahor didn't only collaborated with neonazis on highest level, but have had also engaged into severe torture of Slovenian citizen,

PS. I hope Croats rip your ass apart !!! Your son and your "partner" Tanja Pečar are maniacs(sadistic scum is what it is that granted themselves the right to torture as pleased - were often times present) no less than you and who deserve very same fate. I DO NOT BELIVE IN EVIL THAT PASSED DOWN UNTO CHILDREN !!! THEY WERE AND ARE PART OF THIS THUS MUST BE TREATED IN SAME MANNER(YOU ARE A SEVERE THREAT TO SOCIETY AND SO IS YOUR FAMILY) !!!

Is what you see here a normal behavior for president of the country !!???? Individual was a model before his political career...a professional vagabond/playboy who thinks playing with people's lives is just a joke...have created unimaginable conflicts and problems not only for Croatia, but also Slovenian people...changed frequent train/bus route Zagreb/Ljubljana via Novo mesto into train option via Sevnica(twice a day or so and people on border with Croatia are no longer allowed to cross border that separates houses - runs between houses - they have to report themselves to international border crossings etc.) what fits the description of insanity. No bus will stop in city of Novo mesto any longer(did before on every 15 minutes and train ran to Zagreb as well, but no more). Blocked Croatia from European Union for decade and sends Slovenian fishermen in Gulf of Piran to fight with Croatian police and vice-versa...gave port of Koper to Israelis and is involved in corruption including with American companies and money washing...

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