Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Slovenian state will do for the first time in the history something that never happened before and it won't be because of good intentions, but instead to abduct me again

Slovenian state never ever released news as the one here before
Suggesting how another presidential candidate(wasn't elected as Slovenian state hacked elections and have gestured even low turnout to the public - both was a lie as people did go vote, but against Pahor) have higher popularity than current president Borut Pahor(individual involved in abductions and MKULTRA torture). Borut Pahor suggested Israeli abduction scenario and how we will all disappear...my niece and mother under abductions suggested on how two will not be separated and I will be blamed for it all if they will have to again abduct me to Israel. I cite my niece and her husband, "It will be all your fold, so keep quite about it"(these two criminals have very lucrative job offers in Israel and would attempt to get me in there one way or the other - if i would be quiet or not wouldn't make any difference - the only thing that would happen, however is that I would disappear without anyone knowing anything).

I have videos coming to prove how house is bugged beyond any doubts. My personal belongings worth few hundred Euros were destroyed by neighbors and my niece's husband on behalf of Slovenian state.

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