Sunday, February 4, 2018

Greek neonazis(THE SO-CALLED "WHITE" WHICH SUPPORTS VLADIMIR PUTIN) dream about Macedonia - the question is are Serbia and Bulgaria ready and capable to protect their interests in one !!????

Things are only going downhill in former Yugoslavia and it is for obvious reasons as politicians never ever lived better(no responsibilities whatsoever - just unlimited criminality supported
by international political neonazi gangs = why to risk and even lose money and there isn't much one politician or a single country can do about it = and PUTIN's Kremlin where things could turn global situation in a positive direction STINKS these days more than ever did) !!! 

In Croatia, state may purchase old and outdated American made garbage from Israel(it all started with Slovenian president Pahor who gifted Israelis Port of Koper), in Slovenia TIR2(rail) is negotiated with neonazi Hungarian government(not that Hungary would have money for it, its a gift from Germany for the Germany as they make more appealing gesture of corruption to Slovenian audience than what otherwise case would be - Hungary doesn't have enough even for education in Hungary and not that they could buy Slovenian rails etc.) who enslaved nation till fall of AustroHungarian(Slavic slavery) empire, international diplomatic war for ONE(perhaps even half) kilometer of Piran Gulf still didn't end between Croatia and Slovenia(Croatia is acting extremely strange, but it was again Slovenian diplomacy led by Borut Pahor that blocked Croatia from joining EU for decade etc), corrupt Montenegrin politicians claim Russian coup d'etat, and neonazi Greeks call in large numbers publicly Macedonian state a piece of Greece !!! There is much more going on, but nothing really in a positive sense.

There is an old Slovenian saying which seems all Yugoslav politicians have forgotten, "kjer se prepirata dva, tretji dobiček ima"(translated: "where there two quarrel, the third profits). With politic like this, Croatia should get ready to become again Hungarian colony without Dalmatia, Slovenia part of Austria/Italy, and Hungary, Macedonia a Greece, Vojvodina a Hungary and so on...its stinks...its a crap, but make no mistake one is coming from Moscow. Thank you for great wished Mr. Putin do...

NOTE TO YUGO POLITICIANS: You are gonna have to take your hats down and do the job for people to survive. There is tremendously a lots of work to do for of you) may want to change mentality from defensive/aggressive to instead passive/giving when it comes to your brotherly nations on Balkans because none of you will survive without mutual solidarity and prosperous plan for the future(rather show your strengths with cooperation as nobody in this world cares for you - understand that you are all alone and Hague is an neonazi GermanDutch illusion used to wipe you from the face of the earth for good). Start with smile on your face and visit Vukovar...go to Bosnia with good news..."lose" money(make things easy for one another as much as you can economically is what I mean) and even take bullet(don't respond to provocations with provocations = offer to help instead) if you have too, because it is only this type of attitude that will save your asses.

Note to Serbs: Keep Karađorđević parasites at bay and as far as you can as they are a VERY VERY BAD signal(they simply bring bad luck known as neonazis/fascists to our homelands - this people begun to dream consequently about our properties and envision us recolonized) and stick to Gavrilo Princip's ideology as we all exist ONLY because of one. For all ex Yugoslav nations(and you Bulgaria), Russia must be a motto(guide). Our linguists should even begun process of bringing our languages closer and closer to Russian....just perhaps Moscow will wake up and resolve issue with Slovenian railway system(they have the oil money) also via China(they have rail/train technology and can also make us competitive in respect to EU from whom we are forced to buy even toilet paper which is made in China, but imported via German Port of Koper's division from China) which could instead of Israel supply port of Koper with truly lucrative deal for entire Yugoslavia, Belarus, Ukraine area, and Russia...

'Macedonia is Greece': Thousands to Attend Rally Over Macedonia's Name Dispute

ATHENS (Sputnik) - A massive rally, organized by Macedonian organizations abroad, will take place in Athens on Sunday and is expected to gather hundreds of thousands of people, protesting against the use of "Macedonia" in the name of the neighboring former Yugoslav republic.
Greek media reported that extraordinary security measures would be taken during the event, including stationing of 19,000 policemen.

A similar rally took place in January and was attended by over 100,000 people.

Greece and Macedonia have been involved in a dispute over the name of the Republic of Macedonia since the latter declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Athens has been claiming that Skopje might have territorial claims over Greece’s own region of the same name, insisting on another name for the neighboring country.

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