Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Will absolutely NOT open laptop by myself.

I am pleased to say that I never ever opened this laptop beyond changing hard drive. No other housing screw was ever taken out on my behalf. After seeing as I wondered on how to remove battery latch from housing(you can't as laptop's interior is accessible via removal of keyboard only), I decided to leave investigation of lan/ethernet port(possible gadget implanted used to push out of port cable on which switch to hold one in place is broken) to an expert and here is more on why:

#1 its my only really usable laptop. If anything goes wrong, I am on my own

#2 If I open laptop, I loose the right to claim on how someone else have opened one - its what police will claim

#3 I will have to get one to expert either way as I/O manager's hardware area must be investigated(its where most likely bluetooth/radio implants are located) as well by an expert. Working double job and ruining yourself is not the way to go...yes, I throw away(rather than to but myself another laptop) even whatever is left of trashed car that was sold, but will use whatever I have left of my funds to investigate laptop..this is the degree of evil this individual(Mitja Weber/Veber) have caused me.

Why laptop will have to go to expert one way or the other...

Other than that, I will post two hour video documentary(already recorded) for you to see what is happening with laptops...

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