Sunday, February 25, 2018

Slovenian state delivered on Friday an item which I haven't even purchased

On Friday February 23th, 2018, this very item arrived and was placed in main entrance's hallway just as always was the case(its
where collect whatever mother places in there for me) with mail/packages. This item, however, I have not ordered item either from online or have ever purchased one an anywhere else(in fact, there are no items like this in entire least that one could easily get from either online or store - probably none in the retail store and specialty not in small town where am from - Novo mesto). Item is obviously a magnifier for microscope of some kind(I do not care what zoom of magnifier is) which I will use as a proof against Slovenian state in respect to:

What you see bellow are packages from this week - Sorry, but I ordered probably over 110 different items from ebay since New Year(ebay is very cheap when compared to Europe - I buy almost everything from ebay as a result, Chinese products are high quality products, and I bought many items because my two laptops practically didn't function - I attempted to substitute with many of these items a totally dysfunctional basic laptops' operations - and then again items which I bought were destroyed by neighbor almost simultaneous - almost all drivers incl. USB drivers were dead to the point that I installed brand new hard drive in one of the laptops today) and its why because am not precisely sure in which one of these packages item seen above was(also doesn't make sense to search for original package in which item was because Novo mesto police is involved in it up to its throats, according to MKULTRA scenario mother would go in final stage as far as even planting me items via neighbor in my room above - all explained in video, because from some 140 items ordered from ebay only 3/4 had personal note inside of them which would suggest who seller was - neighbor not only switches mailing packages to me as most likely is the case here, but he probably also takes notes from sellers out of packages so I wold get used to new normal and so on).
INTERESTING(NOTABLE and again): As I called mother in the room to show her some other item, she just like computer(robot) went right after this very box what again prompted my curiosity per how(why precisely this box out of so many and on same day as I got one - I was smart enough "this time" to mention her also a date of item's arrival in my answer) I washed my clothing two days ago, she suggested me today if am aware at all on just how strong detergent I have used - it was the only detergent left for me to use(setup in another words) in washer area on the first place and one looked no different from what she have used so far(how would I possibly know what was inside of the detergent powder which was placed in unoriginal plastic glass while no other detergent was available and so on...). She just want to get from me any kinds of partial statement that they could use against such thing guys.


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