Friday, February 9, 2018


BEAUTIFUL PSYCHIATRIC NURSE ANDREJA JERIČ WHICH PAID VISITATION TO MY HOME IN NOVO MESTO WAS CHOSEN BY SLOVENIAN BORUT PAHOR AS MY FUTURE WIFE(was suggested under MKULTRA ongoingly to home to Slovenia). THIS IS AT LEAST HOW HER AMERICAN ADVENTURE BEGUN(she hurried in 2013/2014 to explain in-front of her friend who also was involved in overseas abductions on how she visited Washington, but it was due to tourist trip there and not here mentioned according to her words - her story/instructions, however, were very different under MKULTRA when she suggested me I cite, "I did tourist trip to USA as well in case someone would dare to use photos or would claim how I was involved in all this" = thus suggesting me don't even dare to suggest as it will be seen as paranoia/schizophrenia), BUT WAS SYSTEMATICALLY DETERRED AWAY FROM PLAN BY SLOVENIAN SERBIAN PSYCHIATRIST INVOLVED IN MY CASE ALL ALONG(FROM VERY BEGINNING) WHOSE NAME IS DOCTOR ZORAN MUDZA(Mudža or Muđa). ZORAN MUDZA(latter also main psychiatrist in-charged for me in Ljubljana Polje mental hospital) VIEWED ME UNDER MKULTRA ALL ALONG AS NEONAZI(I don't blame him for that part even that as psychiatrist, he should have known better). They got her what became her husband...knows about my case very well...lets say he knows how to assemble "power banks/chargers"(will describe in details what went on in this very house under MKULTRA)....electrical engineer !!???? Will have video on this subject(ebay) coming as well...

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