Friday, February 16, 2018

Neighbors capitulated - its over for them now

They realized that their programming fr my failure was all for nothing. As I still managed to video record surveillance system yesterday(once again) being hacked, DVR begun to run as crazy what even prompted my curiosity about what exactly went now) , I realized that system was restored to real factory settings(meaning that they restored one to its original settings via remote  settings as this thing is hacked just as my computer and other equipment is) and is now functioning as one should on the first place. I have spent no less than 3 months and half infront of security system(8 cameras) which wouldn't even video record more than one camera no matter what I would do. All video recorded.

Why this now !!??? Because their program totally broke. They know that I have proofs which weren't anticipated from me to was highly anticipated from me to perform as brainwashed under MKULTRA, but things turned totally different course as I realized what was happening on time. I also took totally different approach toward this very issue...I took approach directly through the proofs(they wanted me to complain and complain as directed via MKULTRA brainwash what would result in severe counter claims against me and I instead have continued to gather proofs of abuse, realized on time why things are happening, and will use what became even direct online threats against me as proofs against them - they know its over for them already as I did some video recordings of myself yesterday = house and internet are totally bugged).

10 hours long video documentary coming about what went on here and not from their perspective....I cite Mitja Weber/Veber(Dr degree in science electro engineering - was used as hacker), "here is where I will be deciding everything about you...either you will go to mental hospital for life or your road may continue according to our agenda...if you will talk against us you are finished".

Well...its not gonna be like that...It will be I deciding about them. I have proofs for everything(he attempted to even use abuse that I endured in Hungary, Ukraine, and Belarus and 6 months chemical burning of my feet, and microwaving to accuse me of lying and self inflicting injuries - use it all to condition my political views on world = journalism).

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