Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Brand new phone for which I didn't have to pay import taxes(first and last gift from president Borut Pahor) is already scratched

Telephone m-net(ordered on Jan 24th, 2018) is only few days old and protective screen is already full of small scratches(neighbor Dane Kolenc did this one as well). Fact of the matter is that phone was all the time either on the table, inside plastic bag, or in my fleece. Telephone is just 5 days old. None of what you see here can be seen, however, on other telephone(Homtom HT16) which I got about three weeks ago.

Problem with phone which I got about three weeks ago is that president Pahor went ahead and have had criminals break my smartphone's electronic image stabilization system in one(on Homtom HT16 which I ordered on Jan 5th, 2018), so one arrived with already broken EIS system(whenever you use one, screen would just go black if inside the house/building).

For second phone which I ordered(m-net), Borut Pahor came up with idea, however, to make up for the damage inflicted on the first phone by excusing me from government tax for one(just as he promised he would under MKULTRA in case I would rebel as I refused to accept broken telephone HomTom by also ordering new m-net phone from ebay)

But this isn't all...Mitja Weber/Veber(a real sadistic psychopath - maniac) have suggested under MKULTRA how he will change my taste via breaking things to me(make me settle for whatever isn't gonna be my taste, but instead make me take whatever will be convenient - obviously whatever will work or be half cost of items which I really wanted) and so all my cheap watches purchased in China(Schwarzenegger factory as Schwarzenegger have boasted about these watches and everyone here in Novo mesto begun to buy them from ebay like crazy) were broken(within less than week, those begun to lag behind to me - sometimes the next day watch was already destroyed) except the one that was evaluated under MKULTRA as not appealing to me(I bought variety of them as those were so cheap and nice) is the only watch out of 5/6 watches that still functions properly. 

There is a mountain of item that maniacs have destroyed me. As you know, I use money(whatever is left) from car that first was stolen from me by Hungarian government, second broken by Hungarian government, and third sold by Mitja Veber to his friend for price of 900/1100 Euros(car was worth at least 1500 Euros, but due to amount of violence against me, I have rejected to own one or to even sell one - this is what you sicko president Pahor have done..that much for your really sick taste and tax free telephone and 1/4 broken telephone for which I only had to pay government tax)...
m-net(really nice and cheap telephone), but scratched all over already...I have never ever even used one yet !!! NOTHING WAS VIDEO RECORDED WITH THIS PHONE YET AND NO PHONE CALL WAS EVER MADE !!!
m-net - scratched
m-net - scratched
This telephone was purchased on Jan 24th, 2018

And almost a month(three weeks) old HomTom HT17 without any scratches at all, but with major irreparable error(done to one by Slovenian government already in Ljubljana in my opinion) as m-net arrived afterwards free of government tax(I was promised under MKULTRA that this would be the case if I wouldn't settle for first phone which was free of charge, but not free of government taxes)..
Exactly zero scratches. I use this telephone as the main telephone despite problem with EIS and the old old telephone(thats third telephone, but old phone) which I converted into infrared phone just yesterday(still have front camera for day time in emergency).

Purchased on Jan 5th, 2018 and is as new as it was when I got one...

Not only I don't have money to purchase new things, but also no time that I could dedicate one to constant repurchasing of destroyed items.

What Slovenian government is doing on behalf of "tsar" Vladimir Putanowich, is also illegal due to fact that my items not only aren't delivered to me broken(destroyed already), but also fact that items are stolen under my name !!! IT IS MY NAME THAT SELLERS SEE WHENEVER I REQUEST RETURN FOR ITEM WHICH NEVER EVER ARRIVED TO MY DESTINATION FROM CHINA !!! YOU GET IT !!?????

I WILL GET A POLICE(NOT FROM NOVO MESTO WHERE MY NEIGHBOR WAS TRANSFERRED TO FROM LJUBLJANA TO HUSH ME) AS EARLY AS THURSDAY OR FRIDAY(preparing 3 hours of proofs about abuse mentioned here because this is the amount of items this criminals have destroyed or even stolen from me). HAVE GONE A BIT TOO FAR !!!


YEAH IT DOES KEEP ME AWAY FROM NEWS(publishing articles online) AND A BIT IRRITATED AS THIS IS HOW JOURNALISM SUPPOSE TO WORK THESE DAYS....TSAR PUTANOWICH WILL TELL YOU THAT IT IS IN FACT GOOD THIS WAY AS IT MAKES MY CHARACTER STRONG(it is so Zionazis can proceed with their plan forward and nobody can say anything about one) !!!

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