Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NEONAZI AmeroGerman AngloSaxon hypocrisy knows no borders and now is time to pay for one

Due to chronical amnesia and evilness that NEONAZI West is suffering from, counter measures against which Russia warned are now in you remember !!?????


WHY TO COMPLAIN NOW !!???? And bye the way not as article suggests in parasitic NEONAZI IMPERIALIST BUCKINGHAM PALACE's newspaper, but instead Russian part taken away from Germany after parasitic Germany took one from Poland(parasitic Germany took from poland entire coast which Russia managed to return to Poland - this part of parasitic Germany wasn't even connected to German lands via land, but instead sea as parasites have embeded themselkf in this area via genocide against Poles) - in respect to article where it states I cite, "Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave annexed from Germany by the Soviet Union after World War 2, is situated along the Baltic Coast and has been called the "most dangerous place in Europe”

I will not even go in other issues as this people are regular wimps and not real men....there is a very good saying in my country, "nema kajanja posle jebanja"(no crying after f**** guys...its yours, you made it and not take it - deal with it losers).


Too bad British men(sons of WWII veterans) and Americans who have beaten up German nazis on Westernm front don't stop bye at the household of biggest neonazi families in the world = parasitically embedded in deep state Buckingham palace and on a funny ranch Tx, USA !!! You know those who have financed German state prior to WWII and again after with idea to enslave us real Europeans and to cook again another war(WWIII in this case)...

World War 3: Russia deploys nuclear-capable missiles to Baltic Sea as NATO sends jets

RUSSIA has deployed advanced nuclear-capable ballistic missiles to its Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea, a Russian official has confirmed following the deployment of several military jets by NATO.

Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave annexed from Germany by the Soviet Union after World War 2, is situated along the Baltic Coast and has been called the "most dangerous place in Europe”.

Russia has said previous deployments of Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad, a slice of Russia wedged between Poland and Lithuania, were temporary and a response to the United States building up its forces in the Baltic region.

However Washington has repeatedly condemned placing such missile systems near the Baltic states and NATO  member Poland, blasting it as "destabilising”.

US officials have also expressed concern that the deployments represent a permanent upgrade to Russia's forces in the area.

Vladimir Shamanov, head of the Russian lower house of parliament's defence committee, confirmed Russia’s nuclear-capable Iskander missile systems have been sent to Kaliningrad today.

Mr Shamanov said: ”Yes, they have been deployed.

"The deployment of foreign military infrastructure automatically falls onto the priority list for targeting."

However the Russian official did not say how many were sent or for how long they will be stationed at Kaliningrad.

The Iskander, a mobile ballistic missile system codenamed SS-26 Stone by NATO, replaced the previous Soviet Scud missile.

The system's two guided missiles have a range of up to 300 miles (500 kilometres) and can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads.

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