Monday, February 12, 2018

I recommend Russia preemptive(correction) nuclear strike on USA and Germany

Seems that China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan have signed war pact with United States of America against Russia after all. "Russian meddling in US elections" and explosion of German neonazism across the Europe and USA are reasons good enough to engage in immediate action to possibly prevent WWIII. Any response should be acknowledged as denial of reality and complete wipe-out should follow.
Video can be also see at this type of paedo neonazi attitude(as you see individual is faceless criminal - doesn't have even face to step in-front of cameras) shouldn't be tolerated even for a second.

Trump didn't increase military budget over Russia and China, but over Russia only as China is on board with neonazi USA and Germany(and Japan etc.).

What we have witness to North Korean / American conflict situation was nothing more than preparation on war against Russia. Today Japan have its neonazi forces intact again thanks to North Korea and thats about it. North Korea is in fact in bed with USA. Americans had me there in 2004/2005(same as in China) and are working along one another under the table.

Trump's military budget wouldn't be possible without China which will again supply West with cheap merchandise(contract just completed/signed with British monarchy as you know).

If the strikes are launched now(even TODAY), peace have chance and if not we will get element of surprise without any doubts. Mr. Putan Putanowich have send too many wrong signals to West and now we are here.

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