Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My niece and her hubby are extremely sick and dangerous couple and their children definitely in danger

I just remembered words of paedo. Weber/Veber I cite, "if you will be convenient for us will be like this and if not, will be like that...this is where I will decide about you"...

Regarding word pedophile in above sentence...this are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS people that are obviously impersonating me in-front of their small children(I bet they have silicone mask of me as well as there were times when those were used against certain politicians as well by Novo mesto police) and I wouldn't be surprised on any scenario that could come in the future against me if I would continue to associate with their children. 

This sadistic sickos engaged in MKULTRA torture and physical torture against me during which occasions I would even scream from pain as they have used electric current to hurt my brain parallel/simultaneously to mental torture - example Bush's ranch in Texas = mental torture with added electrical current to intensify and emotional and physical pain in brain.

Is it normal for government to allow people like this to be parents and not to even engage in investigation after I launched complain in respect to treatment of their children !!?????

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