Tuesday, February 27, 2018

From now on, I no longer open any packages "delivered"(ordered, but not delivered) by ebay till my videos about burglaries are posted online

Every delivery of ebay package is from now(it started yesterday) on video recorded(photos are taken as well) and will be posted on here perhaps on every second or third day of arrival(will keep evidence of what arrives frequently on here)....all packages will be open once I post all videos in respect to burglaries(destruction of my property) online(4 parts are left)...

Seen bellow is what arrived yesterday(I have original video about package from yesterday, but photos of items were taken today). This is to prevent anyone from claiming how I did received items etc...Videos should be within less than week - I have done some investigations in respect to modifications of my computer, but ONLY EXTERNAL as am afraid to go any further...

I will, however, open(only lan/ethernet port area - remove computer cover) one tonight to see what is inside and nothing more. Computer absolutely is modified and both mouses have become nothing more than tool of manipulation of system drivers on both computers. Whenever two of three mouses are connected to either computer, USB drivers as well as internet(only on HP) fail. 

Not the case with the third optical mouse which if connected to computers, doesn't interfere with USB/internet computer operations.... I believe therefore that computer is either internally connected to external source or that one becomes subject of bluetooth's manipulation via two mouses...I have well recorded stated here and will be used for me to protect myself from any potential claims how nothing is/was wrong with laptops(two hour long documentary will posted online today/tomorrow).

Before computer departs to shop where final deeper investigation of computer will be conducted in respect to central computer hardware system incharged for drivers' area in my presence, local police will also be invited to come along - if they will decline to come along, they will bery the responsibility for declining to get involved in investigation on time. Just as tonight, I will also film whole event in the shop...I have lost about a year of my life(this is how much time I have invested in searching for possible solutions to this problems - computer was also hacked via USB's self unzipping/activating softwares that were used to totally manipulate/ruin one - anywhere from keyloggers to knows only what else what installed on one...I have frequently avoided total shuts off of computer and have often times created videos even based on personal memory of thumbnails - such was the situation in Budapest) because of here mentioned issues and have had most severe arguments with internet service provider company which I blamed for it all...individual who destroyed my computer was husband of my niece. Mitja Veber/Weber. 

Till year 2016, I have occasionally slept in same room(therefore unlocked and exposed to MKULTRA) with my mom on which occasions I was presented with here mentioned issues by this very individual. This is how and why !!! MKULTRA didn't stop therefore in 2006, but have continued occasionally to 2016 whenever I was exposed to here mentioned factors.
Detailed video of this packages was taken upon my receiving them(picking them up from area where mother places items for pickup)....

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