Friday, February 23, 2018

When you clash with police, you become branded as terrorist/radical - exactly what Italian controlled opposition is trying to brand/label naive supporters

Police officers are for the most part no different than yourself, but when you continually display willingness to engage in violence against them, they begun to distance their views from yours...get it !!????
There are two politicians total in Italy that are taking Italy to the path of is Berlusconi and second politician is Matteo Renzi...Got it !!???

Lega North leader need transport vehicle(self elected individual in Italy will be either Berlusconi or Renzi because radical government changes are not done across the night - state needs justification/logic for such acts - its a systematic procedure during which Matteo Salvini will be appointed in second round) to get him atop as its how it functions...he is not qualified at this moment yet, and he knows it very well...

Concentrate on Berlusconi and Renzi...protest against them - point finger at their names(CALL THEM PUBLICLY A FASCIST NEONAZI collaborators) and don't lose time with what is seen above....Italian police commanders are for the most part fascist collaborators of Italian elite, but that doesn't mean regular police officers are as well...don't give them reason to exist(ignore and they will fade away - don't give them the reason to use term "radical left"). Concentrate on points that matter and what will take you to the next step and not in failed tactics which are a no win strategy for you.

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