Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Polish psychologist Justyna rated me as a criminal during her work inside of the Polish correction system(prison)

 I cite(under MK Ultra), "You have developped common elements of criminals already and will categorize you in such group"...but she was the one who would from few feet behind observe beatings/abuse during MK Ultra. ot only in Poland, but also in Czech republic. 

Took orders for abuse from complainees and follow up on them and have others claim me how she stopped many how she observed and even retaliated for abuse against me...

Justyna wittnessed psychiatrist Prokselj and another girl in city of Novo mesto build LIES via heavy abuse against me for which she very very well knew were lies yet for the cost of rightfulness of lies(shame Serbian mother of girl alone created), she knew nothing about it when I was hospitalized by this very psychiatrist in 2015 - was seen as St. Maria by Serbian community for reason noother than Slobodan Milosevic in 1998/1999(near Sempeter/Otocec) who preferebly would see me dead as he alone told me...

Serbian chetnik psychiatrist Prokselj(half Serbian I assume who was in search of her own identity since she felt must protect Serbian chetnik leaders which arrived to Novo mesto - found her identity in self envisioned lies and solution in hatred) in fact imitated with Justyna's permission a Justina during MK Ultra sessions to disburse one from liabilities for crimes knowing a) will be the one who will institutionalize me in Slovenia on what if I wouldn't give in(surrender to physical torture pain and threats) , I would go and get b) in Justyna's hands in Poland where Justyna then would lobby for Prokselj Tatjana....

This whole game I tell you, its like a prisoner pushed to the last corner of cell and no one knows one better than psychiatrists/psychologists who work inside of the prison system.

@Prokšelj Tatjana - you wanted identity because you were unsure about - well, I will give you one.

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