Saturday, July 31, 2021

Aronia tree poisoned and harvested today upon completion of video by mother who also stated me under MK Ultra will leave me via laughter a single branch

I think mother got toy from Eurospin in 2006 not as American claimed who latter expressed sorry for stated...he then claimed they brought one from Italy or so two years earlier and how I shouldn't even state anything in respect to toy. Aha. 
Anyhow - which toy..."toy is alive" toy or toy as a toy ? Video can be also seen at

Funny that I got sick just as the case was with Americans...or were Americans in 2015(perhaps even 2015) impersonated by Russians or did Americans covered up for Russians as case was for no less than 26 years in respect to this crime !!???? 

Strange game....anyhow, cancer just as perished that day as proudly wrote on blogger, on what one exploded right back same night after consuming Aronia fruits before sleep hahaha.


And when they keep hitting you with directed energy weapon as the case was this week for which they knew three days ahead I will go buy ne and for which they claimed me there will be a price to pay also via directed energy weapons...let me finish sentence, "And when they keep hitting you with directed energy weapon and you develop fear from going sleep despite being dead exhausted with pain in heart about that@" !!???? 

Ahaaaa hahahaha.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021, exploded right back in my face same evening...aronia and just mother guessed under MK Ultra, I wouldn't touch one any longer regardless branch she would leave me...she or whoever impersonated her(but she knew someone will as there wa also talk about that issue under MK Ultra) was right.

At late stages in 2015/2017 since as was hijacked also in Poland from asylum system and I assume Zgierz hostel, Slovenian government provided doppelgangers who would engage in abuse for people whom they wanted to protect. Talking about Fake Johnson here, and few other fakes...Polish went ahead and insisted will admit fakes if necessary and so on...yeah I got this FAKES, but I also got why fakes in late stages of MK Ultra. I also got that part and part that Slovenian government was authorized by foreign politicians(even Pope Francis) to use silicone masks at times to present their issues without their physical presence here to assert to me their views. I got that too....

I think I got a whole a lot...for very little.

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