Thursday, July 22, 2021

TO WEST: There was no Americans(nobody from West) who MAINLY went FOR MY SAKE(my sake only) TO POLAND, but Mike Tyson and his crew did go there to earn $$$$ and hide/cloud/stink truth about crime one committed against me

I too was brought from West to eastern Europe for Torture for interests of the West and not for my own pleasure. This is important to declare as Western brainwash also anticipated my seeing participants from West as going in there for my sake - not so. Some who went there for camping ended as a super billionaires without single scratch while others as wealthy with some scratches - there was also people from West who suffered heavy misfortunes as were used for sacrifice, but no one ended with 

2 of 2 All about my MK Ultra cancer 4 stage phase 4 faza 4 for the sake of Putin Lukashenko Prince Harry memoirs and MIKE TYSON Black Lies Matter excuses which started whole thing not my presence in Poland

Video can be also seen at

There, however, were people from Slovenia who did go there also for my sake - for the sake of solidarity to witness(CONFIRMED) what I depicted as an active warfare against one on behalf of Russia/Serbia. This is not to say that people didn't worry about my well being - they did, but no one went there because of me(if people would worry about me - there wouldn't be no coverup and case would have been stopped long time ago via law enforcement) - for my sake.

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