Saturday, July 31, 2021

The diference between "democracies" and dictatorships

 When you collect certain procentage of vaccinated, the rest's rights(those of unvaccinated) will not be defended by those already vaccinated. Mandate to vacinate is issued as a result. Its same process with ethnic tunrnoround in the country - ethnic cleansing with final stage instead of manate(as the case is with vacinations) of "saw nothing, hear nothing, know nothing" process takes place. 

@Borut Pahor/ Milan Kucan - wipeout. Systematic kill of the nation.

For dictatorship already in place, however, all you have to look is Duterte 

Trump politic marches on with or without his presence on stage.

COVID19 is a stage toward total domination of human mind - a warfare. 

Are there also placebo vaccinations(google throws 23 million results) for certain segment of people withing society - I do not know. Duterte, however, may even kill you if you don't vaccinate yourself to prove his legitimacy of his views.

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