Thursday, July 29, 2021

It took about 5 years more for mother to get Aronia tree from or on behalf of Russians which freeloaded in our house for decade and half already, but Ruskies got Aronia trea just like everything else right through me

 It was Finland that gave Aronia tree on behalf of Sweden to Ruskies(to Russian freeloaders) in 1996. And just as I stated right through me Avsec Boštjan. Related to 

Just tried one for the first time and its nothing special as far as I am concerned...make sure to watch because next to at least one hour of daily walk and other exercise with proper food and with system topped well with water prior to food consumption as long as one is natural(also stay away from ice cream and other artificial additives - cakes/cookies etc.), you will be as god as new within no time....

Try to limit exercise to about hour and half unless you have ability to access water along the way as is crucial to keep body watered.

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