Saturday, July 24, 2021

Knowing whats next for me in respect to cancer games(poisoning), mother planted in garden DECADE(DECADE AND HALF AGO OR SO) Aronija/Aronia tree - reminded me of one today but will not touch any solution to one


Its Russians who even took credit for one. Glorified Aronia tree and wise Russian motherland on how up North next to Finland and Scandinavia Russ is growing smart trees unlike us down here...Mother thanked them in 2008 for it... 

These murderous Serbian assistants who initiated poisoning game to cover-up active crime against Slovenian natives(warfare via poisoning) with idea to steer attention away from stated into interesting open for discussion Alice Wonderland issues totally supported from West, took very same as approach toward Ukraine in 1999(final negotiations completed with Putin's team while West designated Slovenia for state failure already in 1995 - US opposed to Slovenian national sovereignty since day 1) once they reached deal. In 2015/2017, West and Russia commenced unification of Crimea and Donetsk with new Russian motherland BRAINWASHING process(brainwashing me) on how I just have to accept main stream media news which will stalk future events related to Black Sea issues(FAKE CONFLICTS USED TO CHARTER NEW UKRAINIAN BORDERLINES) as nothing other that can be done...West followed against Ukraine and Slovenia with Russia all the way - there is nothing else to say...Russians and their helpers in Slovenia in respect to my case as they hoped for, however, didn't manage to accomplish and never ever will my accepting as Pahor insisted me AT LEAST SERGEI FROM BELARUS AS FRIEND/ALLY - I cite one, "you will most likely reject Lukashenko, but you must accept Sergei"(this would be like turning my back to graves of Slovenes murdered in Slovenia by Pahor/Kucan and seeing poisoning done to me like sort of game and even help - will never ever happen despite 26 years of torture).

MK Ultra thuggery is coming to the end pointing clearly American Rep. and Dem. parties as two different faces on very same coin with totally FAKE human rights issues(bogus justice used for sickened and destitute to take sides - not to get help - used to raise tensions not to obtain solutions) going used to even lure world into their Alice's Wonderland and fake Russian American animosities. Clearly they all work together with one another toward global dominance. 

Work together toward world where small can be happy to be alive till one is wiped out of the map for good. Interesting just as in my case, its all about helping(taking Russian American sides equals to a lots of smoke they leave behind after countries are cremated by bombings) countries/saving them is what each side claims from total evil....

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