Friday, July 16, 2021

After vandalized laptop, wrong tablet(question if one is even working) was even sent

Video can be also seen at
PAY ATTENTION TO HOW CAMERA WORKS - BECAUSE PHONE WAS HACKED(RUINED ONCE I TOOK MOM TO STORE AND LEFT ONE AT HOME WHERE THEY ENTER ALL THE TIME DURING OUR ABSENCE - PARENTS KNOW WHO VERY WELL). Flash light blinks like this too and other programs...they destroyed again two new phones this way....when in store, they laughed in my face - they let me know each time what is awaiting me upon return home...
Now to send one back, I have to even keep garbage next to me 24/7 or they will enter room during my absence and break one. Lost money and time...

Joe Biden and his Black Lies Matters / US Dem. party Disneyland which protects interest of Republicans and even Putin. THE WORST OF US DEMOCRACY.

Radiation, poisoning, and theft. Burglaries/vandalism is what/how here is. Supported with unemployment(interviews where torture took place) and used car search(where torture took place and where ready to screw you up with cars previously inspected by local mechanic criminal while calls to decent people seems are blocked).

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