Wednesday, July 21, 2021

For Slovenian Angela Merkel I learned real Merkel authorized her to pass me messages - meaning Slovenian side was in agreement with real Merkel

 Polish replicas, however, had gimmicks at times which suggested total insanity. Nothing(real Merkel otherwise very nasty at times - deadly traitorous as was case in 1999 when she sent me to death sentence giving Poland to own my case after what she stated were two prior reprimands) rea Merkel would relate too. Russian Angela Merkel, however, was related to upon which experience I was brought straight to Slovenia and not in 2017 as news suggests but way way prior(2010, 2013).

 Sergei from Belarus also had scenario about eating raw dog after he insisted must kill one with bare hands like animal and eat under MK Ultra(he handed me a piece of probably what was barbecued whatever meat without seasoning whatever and off course video recorded me for his great dear leader in Belarus and/or Russia) - behind Trska Gora...Russian Merkel was far far far too insane concerning my tasting soup made out of human supposedly in 2008/ 2010/2013 in Russia - Russian government knew well ahead of arresting insane couple about what went on...Russian government did for the most part nothing but traumas - worst of the worst traumas in which often times real Putin was just steps away observing. Cannibalism was not the only Russian issue - was taken to Russian prison camps in Siberia where threatened would be left - incarcerated in Moscow - The same happened to workers which were cemented and was explained in details case will be with me way prior to official release - gangster who initiated cementation of workers was off course the one I liked under MK Ultra - referred to me as my friend...but hey, its Russia what do you or expected anyways. Land of opportunities for insane according to my views and if one wouldn't' be, I wouldn't be brought there by Americans on the first place.

Nobody could replicate real Merkel which I very well described - the one who even talked to me not only infront of this building World’s biggest intelligence headquarters opens in Berlin | Germany | The Guardian, but also inside before one was completed. If anything, Slovenian "president" Borut Pahor tried to boost perhaps Merkel's upcoming election results...and at the same time avoid facing total dismay on faces of Slovenian people which is unavoidable. Related to 

Real Russians involved in MK Ultra appeared once case became already proven beyond doubt - not for my sake, but they had to find way to apologize or at least somehow excuse otherwise UNIMAGINABLE AND VERY UNBROTHERLY(un/non-Slavic if compared to special bond between all of us Slavs as dictated to us in school books) crime...

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