Tuesday, July 20, 2021

After conversation with Slovenian girl tonight in respect to Pop TV

Ultra violent at early stages with violence peek in 2003(involved in MK Ultra since 1995 - beginning of the case). However, there were numerous individuals with related issues for which they knew little to nothing about what truly went on - more than to "know", in field of today's journalism is about "allowed to know". Pop TV took initiative in latent stages to somehow help. Despite past, however, I can't take actions against one without knowing exactly who/how/why. 

Slovenian journalists further must protect interests of Slovenian nation as whole and in journalism(more than anywhere), political atmosphere breaks down via pay list as per what audience will be served with. Little if anything, I estimate, had Pop TV and despite all real personal issues involved against me. Their hysterical issues stressed into my face during MK Ultra whenever brought into their studio more translate into willingness to help, but facing more and more problems(crazy obstacles) along the way...

I don't think there are bad people in there...

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