Friday, July 30, 2021

Was in city of Ptuj today and individual involved in MK Ultra tried to push me yet another broken vehicle which, however, Americans embraced

The number one MK Ultra car was Alfa Romeo - I made even Harry and William drive one. Everyone involved in MK Ultra became upsessed because of me in either Alfa Romeo cars or Fiat Stilo. Examples of Stilo would go into area of Pope Francis(loved Stilo caravan) and Charlie Sheen while Jamie Lee Curtis posted today in themorning prior to my departure I was unsure about(hmmmm, just as promissed Jaime, but how did you kow if not...) even news which should spike me into Alfa Romeo purchase seen on photo bellow. Jamie Lee Curtis caimed me(bitched me) that she has Italian ancestry whatever(whatever, since she didn't even knew about Alfa Romeo existed prior to me) first victim, however, and which brought tremendous luck to Alfa Romeo was Jeremy Clarkson...when under MK Ultra, I was in all Alfa Romeo factories and in Fiat and made most infuential people $$$ test drive them for what I was told "thank you" and named as best commercial for Italian cars ever(investors and customers / market) by top Italian automakers that incuded Lamborghini. Trumpet chose as his choice Lancia Delta and one of the best cars ever - well, Trumpet and his kids thanked me personally(means to me nothing really - will rather stop here) for test driving them in Italy.

Car seen above had ruined turbine upon my car test and was not in operatable(operating) condition. No power when accelerated reason enough for me to step aside from purchase, but hey - lost anoher day. This car was infront of our house in Novo mesto already and know owner dealer since 2002/2003 already and his helper since 2013 at least...I also knew owner of the car(car was sold via dealer) since 2003/2004 who decided to purchase Alfa Romeo afterwards because of me. 

Just a week earlier, another MK Ultra involved individual tried to trick me into lemon car purchase - but lemon cars were product of Poland where whole thing about lemon cars and theft and replacement with faulty car parts started on the first place...I knew what was awaiting me in Slovenia(is trying to desperately appologise crime against me by Poland by commiting another crime - its why HEAVY physical torture was even involved in car purchase in Slovenia during MK Ultra) after destruction of lemon car as was sold to me Skoda Felicia in Czech republic.

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